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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I pass an exam?

You will be graded immediately and presented with a page letting you know that you have passed. You will also be provided with a unique URL that demonstrates the certifications that you have achieved; you can distribute this URL to anyone who may want to authenticate your achievement (give to potential employers, add to your LinkedIn page, etc.)

What happens after I take an exam if I do not pass?

Nothing really happens :) it is not recorded anywhere and nobody will be able to see that you did not pass. You may retake the exam at anytime with no limitations on retries. When you do pass there will be no record of prior attempts.

May I Google for the answers during an exam or use other tools?

Yes, certainly. The exams are designed for real-world authentication of your skills, not a test of your memory; if there is an answer that you do not know but can manage to find quickly then that is indicative that you are capable of performing the same discovery while solving issues in the work environment.

Keep in mind that exams have fairly short time-limits since the pace that you work at is a factor of your expertise and contributes to your personal-ROI to a project (how much you produce per hour of work) and thus repeated lookups will probably cause you to run out of time.

May I seek assistance from other people during the exam?

No, absolutely not. Abiding by this is on your honor, karma and professional integrity; if the aid of the Internet is insufficient and one must rely on human-assistance then this would imply incapability to independently perform the tasks being tested for.

What is taking an exam like?

It is very intuitive; the exam page will contain just one question, a countdown-timer and an area to provide the answer. The format of answers will vary per each question and may be in the form of selecting from a single-answer among many (a "radio" form), multiple options from within a larger group (a "checkbox" form) or free-text entry (an "input" form.) Free-text entry answers will usually not penalize for entering correct answers that are slightly misspelled, but some specific questions might require an exact spelling (for instance, an answer that is an acronym like PHP or WYSIWYG.)

After completing the last question you will be presented with a confirmation-screen containing all of the questions and along with your answers to review; from this page you will have two options- "I want to change something" which lets you modify any of your answers, and "I am done, grade exam now" which will complete the exam.

Can I change my answer after going to the next question?

Yes, under each question is a next and previous button (note, there is no previous button on the first question) and you can always change any answer until your exam-time is used up or you explicitly press the button to confirm exam completion.

What happens if my time is up before completing the exam?

When the time expires your exam will end abruptly, skipping the confirmation-screen and going straight to the exam-results; any unanswered questions will be graded the same as an incorrect answer.

How can I create a Certifus certification program for my course/product/technology or have my exam administered via Certifus?

Our streamlined process makes this really easy for your organization to get started with Certifus; you can have a Certification program operational within just a few days.
Contact us to discuss your needs:

support -@- certif.us