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Frequently Asked Questions
Couchbase Single Server is deprecated;
this exam is no longered offered.
Please check again soon for a new 2012 Couchbase Server certification
The Certifus seal of approval helped me land a great enterprise-level position...
- Mark Armstrong
Couchbase: Single Server
  • Number of questions: 50
  • Time limit: 40 minutes
  • Cost of taking test (pass or fail) is: $50 USD
  • Cost of taking test a second time: Free
Take Couchbase Single Server Certification - Level 1 exam

Couchbase: Single Server

Couchbase Single Server Certification - Level 1

The primary objective of this certification is to demonstrate a basic knowledge of Couchbase Single Server (CouchDB) operations and development.

To pass the Level 1 certification you will need to show that you understand the basics of the HTTP REST interface, document-based databases and design documents, including validation, views, filters and update handlers.